Penultimate recap

Our crew of adventurers, still chained together, managed to convince a couple of the guards (our old friends Gyrtias and Deborog) to join them as they ventured forward past the exploded door. Walking around the corner, they discovered a metal door with a small window set into a metal wall set flush against the stone hall way. After examining the door for some time, our heroes decided to try to open it, discovering that it was unlocked.

Inside, they found a small medical bay (“for processing new prisoners” said Gyrtias or Deborog) with a strange, oblong pod. Upon opening it, our adventurers discovered an unconscious human-like man, with a beard and dressed in a dusty three-piece suit. Upon wakening him, our adventurers discovered his name to be Kitto Hain, who frantically inquired about his “stuff”. Upon discovering that he had a jade bracelet around his wrist and not much else, Carlos asked if he could punch him. Kitto declined this generous offer. Kitto proceeded to loot the medical bay for medicines and other assorted objects.

Upon leaving the medical bay through its other door, they discovered a much heavier, locked door with an intercom on one side. Our adventurers convinced Gyrtias (or Deborog) to get the other guards to open the door. They did so, and our adventurers entered to find a control room with banks of non-functioning monitors, blinking lights, and switches. And another intercom.

The two remaining guards huddled in a corner as the two groups of prisoners roamed around the control center. They discovered much that was useless, but in the giant loading bay, they discovered an elevator. Prying it open with a crowbar, they discovered an empty elevator shaft. Lacking the tools to climb up the shaft, the prisoners decided on a plan to lure their captors down.

Kitto Hain volunteered to attempt to con their captors, and spoke to them on the intercom, while our heroes hid behind mine carts in the loading bay, and the other prisoners hid in the adjoining room. Kitto Hain spoke eloquently about waking up to find himself alone, scared, and confused. Baffled, the woman he spoke with told him to go to the loading bay and sit in the middle of the room.

Moments later, the elevator doors opened and “The Claw” emerged. Standing in the elevator, he spoke with Kitto for a time, who juggled something or other. Satisfied that it was safe, “The Claw” emerged from the elevator. “Stand up!” he said. At an opportune moment, Kitto attempted to snatch “The Claw”‘s pistol, but failed so utterly that “The Claw” didn’t even notice. Suddenly, alerted to a noise made by our heroes hiding behind a mine cart, “The Claw” said “What’s that?!” as our heroes charged toward him. Pressing a button on the device in his hand, and alarm sounded throughout the facility. Before the other prisoners could join them, “The Claw” was zapped with a stun baton (by Carlos?) and then killed (by Kitto Hain, I think?). “My gun!” Alger Swiftgloom said, and Kitto reluctantly handed it to him.

Our heroes and the other prisoners convinced the guards to join them, and they all headed up in the elevator, while some mellow music played softly in the background. As the door opened, our heroes saw the woman, Sotera, at the other side of the room, incanting in a magical fashion. Suddenly, snaky silvery tendrils rushed towards the elevator, ensnaring all but our heroes, who leapt out of the way. As the elevator door started to close, our heroes rushed toward the mystical woman, as she slammed her staff upon the ground, creating a blazing flash of light that disoriented our heroes. Alger Swiftgloom fired his gun, and a strange burst of energy whizzed by her head. Kitto ran across the room, attempting to tackle her, but ran right past as she sidestepped away. Pivoting, he attempted to stab her with a knife, but missed again. Meanwhile, Meganna attempted to free those ensnared in the elevator, but gave it up when her knife got stuck. The elevator doors closed. The others, slowed by the shackles on their ankles, continued rushing toward the magical woman, who turned tail and fled the room, with Kitto chasing after her. By the time he got through the door, he saw a door slamming shut in the distance.

Our heroes conferred briefly, and rushed down the hallway. They tried some of the doors along the way, but found them locked. Coming to the door at the end of the hallway, they opened it to find an intersection with four doors. Choosing the left door, they found another corridor ending at a door. Opening it, they found a storage room, heaped with crates and piles of stuff. “My case!” Kitto cried, and then promptly left the room again, while the others continued searching the room.

Kitto returned to the intersection, and slowly opened another door. There was a loud noise, a flare of light, and the door became intensely hot. Kitto shut the door and raced back to the others. “I’ve been shot at!” he said, or something to that effect. The others continued looking through the room for their stuff. There was a noise in the corridor. Our heroes continued to search through things. They found some of their things! Suddenly, something heavy banged against the only door to the room. Our heroes attempted to open the door, which opened outward, only to find it stuck. “Hello!” said a voice, which our heroes recognized as the “Captain’s”. There was a conversation, in which the Captain attempted to convince our heroes to surrender, while admiring the pluck and daring. He offered them a deal: If they would surrender, he would unshackle them, and not send them back to the mines. Our heroes found their shackles opening, and handed their weapons through the door. Slowly, the door opened…

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